A photo from Lake Kerkini won first prize in England!

The first prize was won by the photograph of the Dalmatian pelican of Lake Kerkini in the largest world bird and ecotourism exhibition “Birdfair” in Great Britain, in the context of this year’s participation of the Region of Central Macedonia in the exhibition.

The amazing photo of the British Carol Steele, depicting a Dalmatian pelican on the frozen lake Kerkini, won the first prize of the bird watching and ecotourism exhibition “Birdfair” (August 16-18, 2019), held in Oakham, Great Britain, this year. one of the most important meeting places for bird watchers and nature lovers in the world.

The participation in this very important exhibition of alternative tourism is co-organized every year by the Region of Central Macedonia and the Management Body of Lake Kerkini. The participants come from all over the world and are mainly National Parks, government agencies, environmental organizations, specialized travel agencies, publishing houses, equipment companies for observers, etc.

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