Austrian TV for the lake kerkini

In one of the most popular travel destinations of the Austrians, Greece, was dedicated the 14 hours travel documentary he presented. The tribute took place on Monday night on the Third Program of the Austrian public television.It consisted of five documentaries, in which, with the skill of their creators, the natural beauties of the Greek landscape were projected. The archeological sites and their connection with Greek mythology were also shown. It showed everyday stories of people living and working in the documentary reference areas.

“Greece: From the tops (of the mountains) to the sea” was the title of the first documentary about Epirus. This was followed by the second entitled “Thessaly” which dealt from the straits of Chalkida to Olympus and Meteora.

The third documentary entitled “Thessaloniki and Halkidiki” presented the second largest city in Greece with its history and sights. Also presented together are the three peninsulas of Kassandra, Sithonia, Mount Athos with their “beauties and peculiarities”.

The fourth documentary of the tribute was mentioned in “Eastern Macedonia and Thrace”. Promoting, among others, Lake Kerkini, Amphipolis, Kavala and Komotini with the music and other folklore traditions of the area.

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