Christmas on Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini is a destination in all four seasons. A destination where the refreshing water element dominates, and the rich flora and fauna to rank the area among the 4-5 most important wetlands of Eastern Europe. The mountains around the lake and especially the snow-capped peaks of Mount Belles offer a unique winter landscape. The lake is a jewel for the wider region of eastern Macedonia as it now has visitors from all over the world.

Christmas on Lake Kerkini with the romance emerging from the snow-capped peaks of Belles in its icy waters.

Right next to Lake Kerkini and close to the dam, Hotel Erodios offers a unique view. That is why all its rooms are built on a slope and have all large windows, so that visitors, as soon as they wake up, can see the view of the lake and the plain of Serres that stretches from Mount Beles to Paggaio, offering a comfortable accommodation. Visitors to the area enjoy a wide range of activities. Hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, cycling, sightseeing are just some of the activities that guests can try.

The Restaurant of Hotel Erodios offers a truly exceptional experience of local flavors, in a relaxed but refined atmosphere.

Christmas at Lake Kerkini is unique, romantic and enchanting.

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