Psychology students from 33 European countries on Lake Kerkini

EFPSA is the European Federation of Psychology Student Associations, a non-profit student organization that operates voluntarily by psychology students from 33 European countries to provide students with opportunities for academic and professional development, but also to inform the general public about mental health. and the science of Psychology.

EFPSA students organize 12 different events each year across Europe, one of which is EFPSA.

The European Summer School (ESS), took place this year on Lake Kerkini and was hosted in the perfect facilities of the Erodeios Hotel.  ESS is the second largest event of the organization, and the most scientifically oriented. During the weekly program, 36 students from all over Europe formed 6 research groups, and under the guidance of 6 PhD students developed a research project that will be implemented by them over a period of one year.

The 6 surveys of ESS, fall each year on a different theme-umbrella, which this year is “Communication and Learning in the Digital Age”. In the perfect facilities of the hotel Erodios, which hotel fully meets the requirements of conferences but also with the serenity and the wonderful view of the lake, which was the ideal setting for the whole project, this year’s European Summer School of EFPSA was held with absolute success.

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