RIAR ALFA ROMEO on Lake Kerkini and the hotel Erodios!

Greece and specifically Macedonia was chosen by one of the most important associations of friends of AlfaRomeo with international influence, Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (RIAR), to make a special summer outing, with collectible models of the brand.

It is known that Italian models have left their mark in the history of the car, standing out for their high aesthetics, unique style and of course their dynamic character.

Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo is a non-profit organization founded in 1962 in Italy to maintain the tradition of Alfa Romeo and its models. Today, focusing on the company’s historic headquarters in Milan, RIAR has more than 1,700 members worldwide, who present some of the brand’s most distinctive models at relevant events.

The tour of Macedonia lasted from the 5th to the 12th of July, with the participants visiting with some of the most unique Alfa Romeo places of unique beauty, such as Kastoria, Prespes, Nymfaio, Vergina, but also Mount Athos.  Along with the center in Thessaloniki, where the group would stay for five days, and organized parallel events, as well as an exhibition of historic cars. (source https://thesspress.gr).

Alfa Romeo’s friendly club also visited the magnificent Lake Kerkini. During the visit of course he was hosted at the Erodios Hotel where he ended up having lunch at the hotel’s award-winning restaurant and enjoying the unique view it offers in the area.


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