The award-winning dessert of the Erodios Hotel

Its taste will drive everyone who wants a dessert out of the ordinary crazy, just as it stole the impressions in the “test the taste” of the money show!

At the Money Show Thessaloniki ten thousand delegates through 100 open and 50 closed events and 11 different FORAs that gather select special audiences. On Friday, April 27, at the test the taste event, the show was stolen by the kazan ntipi with buffalo milk offered by the restaurant of the Erodios Hotel.

The history of this unique cream from Konstantinopole is lost in the depths of the centuries, when the Sultan asked the Imam’s servant to make him a sweet. Unfortunately for him, he burned the buffalo milk and in order to justify himself to the Sultan, he called it “Kazan Dipi”, that is, the bottom of the cauldron. This is how the Imam beheaded them and the tradition of this sweet continues to this day.

The original kazan ntipi was made with buffalo milk. This secret recipe was developed by the restaurant of the Erodios Hotel, in the area where buffaloes are its trademark.

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