Little ringed plover at Lake Kerkini

Little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius)! Huge trips by small travelers! They come from Africa (many of them after the Sahara Desert) … Read More

Eleonora’s falcon at Lake Kerkini

Eleonora’s falcon (Falco eleonorae) come from South Africa and for a few days will remain in Kerkini … Read More

Black kite at Lake Kerkini

Around the lake of Kerkini and in the mountain massifs of Krousia and Kerkini (Belles) the Black kite (Milvus migrans) arrive in the spring and reproduce. … Read More

Rosy starling at Lake Kerkini

The pink starlings (Pastor roseus – Rosy Starling) with the irregular small and big flights are the last immigrants that pass through the area of Kerkini. … Read More

Waterhen at Lake Kerkini

Necrops (Gallinula chloropus – Common moorhen)! In a photographic snapshot, three (of the many he does) “hits” with his feet in the water and at the same time strong … Read More

Merops at Lake Kerkini

Merops, (bee-eater / Merops apiaster), incredible beauty! Perhaps the bird with the most fancy exotic colors in Greece! … Read More

lwfg at lake Kerkini

The lwfg in Kerkini. Today in the small group of lwfg which existed in Kerkini, one more small flock has been added and raised the total number of birds to at least 52 individuals! Perhaps, we are talking about the … Read MoreRead More

Botaurus stellaris at Kerkini lake

Botaurus stellaris (Eurasian bittern). It belongs to the Heron family. It usually hides in the reed beds and lives alone! Rarely appears in open areas and gives us the opportunity to observe well and easily this bird. The photo is … Read MoreRead More

Autumn bird migration at Kerkini lake

Migratory routes they have a “lot of traffic this period” as most birds have started the long journey either for Africa to spend the winter until next spring or from northern Europe to the south to overwinter in milder conditions. … Read More

Pygmy at kerkini lake

The Pygmy cormorant, like almost all birds spend a lot of time every day to clean them with a lot of patience and attention! … Read More